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The easiest, cheapest and safest way to buy Gen20 Plus is to order online from the official website. Gen 20 Plus is HGH releaser product for those who want to raise their human growth hormone levels and stop the aging process. Boost your HGH levels naturally with the new system which includes both capsules and oral spray for maxumum results. Feel and look young again with this revolutionary product.

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Buying from the official website is very easy. Just select your package and continue to order page. All major credit card are accepted and the product is shipped to most countries worldwide. You can also order by mail, by fax or by phone if you prefer that.

There are 6 different package sizes for you to choose from. The larger packages offer nice savings and free extra bonuses like free shipping within USA. We recommend you to choose 5 or 6 month package for best value. Remember that 60 days money back guarantee is also offered on big packages. Here are listed the packages and their prices:

1 month – $76.99

2 months – $143.99

3 months – $205.99

4 months – $267.99 + Free Infinity Health Center Memberhip + Free Natural Health Source $25 Discount

5 months – $329.99 + Free Infinity Health Center Memberhip + Free Natural Health Source $25 Discount + Free Shipping (Within USA)

6 months – $384.99 + Free Infinity Health Center Memberhip + Free Natural Health Source $25 Discount + Free Shipping (Within USA)

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Ingredients Of Gen 20 Plus

Gen 20 Plus is all natural and safe supplement, but still very effective. It contains 16 different ingredients which all have been proven to naturally increase the amount your body produces human growth hormone. The product is safe to use daily and has no reported side effects. Click link below to go to the official website to learn more or scroll down to see list of the ingredients.

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Here are listed some of the main ingredients of Gen 20 Plus:


L-Arginine is the most important ingredient, clinical studies have shown that L-Arginine can even triple your HGH levels.


L-Glutamine increases your immunity, energy levels and helps you to maintain your muscles.


L-Lysine is very important ingredient as when used together with arginine, it boosts the effects of arginine.


L-Glycine stimulates your brain to produce more growth hormone.


Tysosine is used in production of Thyroxine, which is another very important hormone.


GABA is amino acid that stimulated the growth hormone production.

Deer Velvet Antler

Deer velvet antler is another ingredient that stimulates the HGH production.

Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus strengthens your immune system and speeds up healing in your body.


L-Valine is branched-chain amino acid which is not made by body, it is very important ingredient for muscle metabolism.


Colostrum increases healing and helps you to gain muscle mass. It is also very important on HGH anti-aging process.


Ornithine can as much as triple your HGH levels and is one of the most important booster when used together with other important ingredients.

Those were just some of the ingredients in Gen 20 Plus, to see full list, go to the official website.

Gen20plus Money Back Offer

Gen20plus works and helps you to naturally increase your human growth hormone levels. Because of that the producers of Gen20 plus offer full 67-day money back guarantee on all Gen 20 Plus packages. The 67 days long refund period gives you a risk free chance to try the product for two months and leaving 7 days for shipping. So you have full 60 days, which is two Gen20 kits, to try out the product and see the results yourself.

This refund offer is limited to one order per customer. If for some reason you are not happy with the results, just return the two empty boxes and you will get refund for the payment. The big Gen20 Plus packages, like 5 and 6 month packages give great savings and free bonuses. If you want to take advantage on the big saving packages, you still can use the money back guarantee. Just return the unopened kits with the empty ones and you will get refund on those as well. Shipping charges are not included in the offer, so they will be deducted from the refund amount.

Please do not return any items after the 67 day period. When the period has expired, no refunds will be offered. Take advantage of this great offer and try the product risk-free. The producers are able to offer this because they are so sure you will be satisfied with the results and instead of asking refund, you will most likely order more. See the full money back guarantee information and terms on the official website.

HGH Supplements Comparison

So, you have discovered how good increasing your HGH levels can do to your overall health and aging process. Now you have to decide how to restore the levels back to what they used to be. There are several different ways to do it on the market and there is huge difference in safety, cost and effectiveness. I will list some of the most common supplements and methods with their pros and cons to help you to decide the best treatment.

1. HGH Releaser Supplements

This is in our opinion the best choice as it is safe, cheap and effective. HGH releasers naturally make your body to produce more human growth hormone and gives you the benefits of HGH. You do not need to visit doctor for this method, simply order high quality product like Gen20 Plus online.

2. HGH Injections

Synthetic HGH injections do work, but you need to find doctor willing to do injections. What makes this method worse compared to HGH releasers is the price. Injections can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. This has been proven to be effective way, so if you have lots of money and can handle needles, this may be for you.

3. GHRH Injections

This is another injection method similar to normal HGH injections, but instead of using pure synthetic HGH, they use hormone that stimulates the human growth hormone release in your brain. This is promising method, but it is still new and costly. We recommend choosing option 1 or 2 instead.

4. Homeopathic HGH Supplements

This method works as other homeopathic treatments. You are given extremely small doses of synthetic HGH to boost your own hormone production. We do not recommend this as there is very little prove to back the effectiveness.

5. HGH Diet

You can increase your growth hormone levels with healthy diet. Avoid big amounts of carbs and eat lots of good fatty acids. Include unsaturated fats in your diet as they naturally increase your HGH production. Overall healthy diet can play big role as when you feel good. also your hormone levels go up. You can not get huge results just by eating, but this method is good to use together with any other method to boost the effects.

If you are serious about getting your human growth hormone levels up, there are two good alternatives. First is HGH injections, which cost a lot and require doctor’s prescription. The other and best solution is to use high quality HGH release supplement like Gen20 Plus, which is quite cheap and safe, but still effective.